HEPT is a Specialist in making all kinds of v belt pulleys, taper bore pulleys, solid hub pulleys, timing pulleys, taper bore timing pulleys, taper bushes, QD bushing, casting iron products, aluminium die casting, non-ferrous Casting, iron casting, steel forging and other special casting items acc. to customers’ drawings. …

About Us

We are a professional pulley manufacturer and supplier based in China. Our product line covers various types of pulleys, including V pulley, timing pulley, taper lock pulley, sheaves, bushes, etc., which can meet the different needs of customers.

As a professional pulley manufacturer, we have advanced production equipment, technology, and experienced engineers and technicians. Our customers have recognized the quality of our products. We continue to promote technological innovation and quality management to ensure that our pulley can meet customers’ high standards.

We also provide flexible solutions and efficient customer service to ensure our customers receive the best possible service and support. Our products have been exported to many countries and regions, and our customers are all over the world. We are willing to cooperate with global customers and develop together.

We will be your best choice if you are looking for high-quality pulley and high-quality service providers. Please get in touch with us; we look forward to working with you.