Common F Variety
Double engagement (F flex-flex) for parallel and angular misalignment
Single engagement (FFR flex-rigid) accommodates angular misalignment only and is best for floating shaft applications
Field conventional flange bolt patterns
FHD Sort common for sizes ten by means of thirty (other sizes obtainable on request)

Rigid-Rigid FRR Type
Made for connecting two rigidly mounted shafts without any misalignment capability

Alloy Rigid-Rigid FARR Variety
Longer piloted hubs sustain rigidity and concentricity
Employed for cantilevered loads for example gear boxes that hang off conveyor programs
Alloy steel accessible for higher strength (FARR)

Mill Motor FMM Style
1st hub made with longer universal hub on 1 end to accommodate straight or tapered shafts
2nd hub bored to purchaser specifications
Typical design accommodates AISE Mill Motor frame sizes
Sleeves and 2nd hub are regular